What to do if irrigation is broken in a rented property?

If you’re renting a property and you see an irrigation leak in a communal area like your front or back yard, it’s worth informing your landlord or property manager and asking if they know about Living Water Smart’s Garden Tune Up rebate.

They can use the rebate to arrange for local expert irrigators to come to the property and tune up the irrigation, so you have the same great garden using less water.

All you need to do is advise them of the leak and forward them this article for their reference. That’s your job done!

Information for landlords and property managers

On average, over 50% of all water use in Katherine is used on lawns and gardens. So if you want to save money and be water efficient, your irrigation is the best place to start.

Living Water Smart’s Garden Tune Up provides a free garden irrigation audit by one of our registered irrigation experts. It usually takes around one hour and includes:

  • A seasonal water smart irrigation schedule for your garden, including run times and days per week. The irrigator will also set the program for you.
  • A review of your irrigation equipment and on-the-spot minor repairs up to the value of $50.
  • Other general advice on water efficient gardening, such as plant types, plant zoning and water requirements, garden design, fertilisers, local soil types and mulches.
  • Recommendations about smart controllers and other technologies to further improve your garden irrigation and efficiency.

Will I need to pay anything?

The Garden Tune Up covers the irrigator’s call out fee and the costs associated with the services listed above (consultation, review and adjustment of your system, and expert advice). It also includes up to $50 worth of on-the-spot minor repairs. You don’t even need to ask to be reimbursed as the irrigator will invoice Living Water Smart directly.

If the irrigator detects a larger issue, they will discuss this with you and you will be responsible for the additional costs. Prior to any works being carried out, a quote for larger works will be provided - you can decide whether or not to proceed.

I’m interested in the Garden Tune Up. What do I need to do?

You’ll just need to get your landlord or property manager’s permission to organise a Garden Tune Up as the landlord owns the irrigation system. Once you have the permission to go ahead, you can access the rebate by contacting one of our registered expert irrigators.

You can book a Garden Tune Up direct with one of our registered irrigation suppliers at a time that suits you. You will be required to be in attendance onsite during the Garden Tune Up, and to complete and sign our customer registration form.

If you’re renting a property and find a leak, it’s worth informing your landlord or property manager [...]