Water Use Update - 20/11/18

Water use lowest since March

For the first time since March, water use last week was back in the 'good' range at an average of 7.6 million litres per day. 

This is a great result given the wet season rains are yet to settle in.  While it remains hot with minimal random rainfall, we need you to keep water use down. Here are a few tips to help you to keep saving water at this time of year:

  • Make sure you have mulch topped up around your plants to retain moisture following any rain.  Mulch also protects the soil from the heat of the day, which in turn protects your plants from heat stress.  
  • Only water when you plants need it. If you have received over 15 mm of rain, you can skip one of your watering days as your plants will be fine to wait a few days.  Don't know how much rain your garden received?  Easy, get yourself a rain gauge from your local hardware store - or ask them to get one if for you!  
  • If your plants do need watering, make sure it's in the morning, rather than evening.  This ensures your plants and lawns are prepared for the hot day ahead and minimises loss of moisture through evaporation. 

Thank you for helping us keep Katherine's water safe and reducing daily water use to less than 8.5 million litres per day. 


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