Water use Update - 19/12/18

Water use remained low last week averaging 7.1 million litres a day - the lowest it has been all year!

If you're going away at Christmas:

  • Do a quick leak check at your water meter - visit our website to find out how.
  • Reduce your irrigation schedule to once or twice per week so that your plants still get some water if it doesn't rain.
  • Ask a neighbour to turn off your irrigation for a couple of days after a good rain.
  • Consider turning off the water at your meter in case there is a burst pipe or leak while you are away.

If you're staying at home, turn off your irrigation altogether. A good rain is worth about 2-3 days of watering and if it's raining every couple of days you won't need your irrigation at all. Imagine the money you could save!

From all of us at Power and Water thanks for keeping water use low this Dry season and helping to ensure a safe supply. Merry Christmas.


Water Use 19 Dec


When watering, less really is more. But if you’re unsure (as most of us are) and are over watering just to be on the safe side, take a minute to read our advice on how to plan your watering schedule according to the time of year. Your garden and your water bill will thank you for it.