Water champion - Riverview Tourist Village

Imagine losing 120 wheelie bins of water every day?  That’s how much water would have ended up down the drain had it not been for some excellent teamwork in finding 2 big leaks by Riverview Tourist Park with the help of Leak Detection NT and Living Water Smart. 

After placing a water logger at the Riverview Tourist Park late in 2017, Living Water Smart noticed a sudden and large spike in water use so contacted manager Craig Batten.  Craig wasn’t aware of the increase as the water bill goes directly to offsite owners and there were no obvious signs of a leak anywhere in the Park.  “We were scratching our head trying to figure out where the leak was coming from” Craig explained, “so we gave Leak Detection NT a call to give us a hand.  It was quite an operation as we had to make sure that no-one in the Park was using water while we tried to identify the leak”. 

“John Jordan and his team at Leak Detection NT found a large leak in a sprinkler head and another major leak where Mahogany tree roots had squeezed and burst a water pipe.  We would never have found these leaks on our own” said Crag.  Whilst it was a bit of work to find the leak, it was certainly worth it as the leaks were wasting around $390 worth of water each week.  This equals a loss of nearly 200 000 litres of water every week!  “Finding and fixing the leak has made Riverview’s owners very happy and we feel good as we know the importance of not wasting water in Katherine.  We have to preserve our water to make sure our tap water is safe for drinking,” said Craig. 

If you’ve found a leak in your home, it pays not to overlook it. Using Living Water Smart’s Leak Find and Fix rebate, you can contact one of our registered plumbers to check out the leak and, if it costs less than $200 to fix, you won’t have to pay anything towards it.