Top 5 business benefits of reducing water consumption

It's essential we all work together to save water in Katherine to help keep drinking water safe.  Reducing water use is not only good for our water source and environment but also our economy and our way of life.

What are the benefits of reducing water usage?

Significant benefits can be realised through becoming more water efficient. These include:

1. Costs: Water efficiency upgrades often pay back in just a few years. Getting on top of leaks and irrigation is the first key step and as water prices increase, the more $ savings you will make over time.

2. Environment: Being water smart is not only better for the environment it will also help develop an eco-friendly image for your customers. 

3. Energy consumption: Saving hot water will also save your electricity. Heating water with an electric water heater can cost 2 cents per litre, so changing showerheads can save upwards of a dollar per shower!

4. Property value: Retrofitting your workplace with modern water efficient equipment raises the value of your property.

5. Rebates: Living Water Smart provides rebates and assistance for businesses looking to become more water efficient. Some of our initiatives include a Water Use Health Check, Leak Find and Fix rebate and Garden Tune Up rebate.

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Any commercial operation, business, government or not for profit organisation in Katherine is eligible for a free Water Use Health Check with Living Water Smart.