Property Management

How can I help my landlord or renter save money on their water bills? It's easy! The biggest areas of water use in Katherine households is leaks and irrigation. So concentrate on these things and you [...]
Water Saving Tips
If your tenants aren’t responsible for paying their water bills, they may be less inclined to inform you about a leak in their home. There's several reasons tenants may not let landlord's know about a [...]
If you have a long term renter in one of the properties you manage, you may not be aware of leaks until the tenants move out or until the tenant or owner of the property informs you of an unusually [...]
Water Saving Tips
An attractive, well maintained garden or communal space can be a real point of difference to prospective tenants. Keeping on top of garden maintenance doesn’t have to be a major headache, but what it [...]