Smart landscaping and irrigation for your business

Landscaping of commercial and business properties shares the same principles as any garden. Data from research and consultation has found that the majority of water savings for organisations relate to irrigation scheduling and over watering, sometimes costing organisations thousands of dollars.

Living Water Smart offers Katherine businesses advice and rebates to help you save water and ultimately money off your bottom line - so you can concentrate on getting on with business!  


Have you thought about installing smart irrigation controllers?

Smart irrigation controllers can save business up to 10-15% on an already efficient irrigation schedule. These extra water savings are possible as smart controllers automatically adjust irrigation watering based on local weather conditions. Rather than just turning the system on for the Dry and off for the Wet, smart controllers also reduce irrigation over the shoulder seasons. They can even delay irrigation events if rain is forecast!

What's more, this automated process can save money through reduced labour costs involved with seasonally adjusting irrigation. This is particularly useful in the Top End where we can receive significant rainfall in the shoulder periods, between the Wet and the Dry.

Rebates and assistance:

Water Use Health Check:

Any commercial operation, business, government or not for profit organisation in the Katherine region is eligible for a free Water Use Health Check with Living Water Smart. It includes:

  • An analysis of your water use in real time
  • A breakdown of your water use by key areas in your business including irrigation, leaks and general use
  • A quantified weekly cost for each water use area
  • Easy actions to help you save. We’ll also let you know if you’re eligible for any Living Water Smart rebates

Book your Water Use Health Check by calling Living Water Smart on (08) 8995 5861 or send an email to:

Garden Tune Up:

Living Water Smart's Garden Tune Up provides a free garden irrigation audit by one of our registered local irrigators. It usually takes around one hour and includes:

  • A seasonal water smart irrigation schedule for your garden, including run times and days per week. The irrigator will also set the program for you.
  • A review of your irrigation equipment and on the spot minor repairs up to the value of $50.
  • Other general advice on water efficient gardening, such as plant types, plant zoning and water requirements, garden design, fertilisers, local soil types and mulches.
  • Recommendations about smart controllers and other technologies to further improve your garden irrigation and efficiency

Water Smart Plants

Water efficient plants can make a big difference to your bottom line, and to the amount of water you use in the garden.  Here are two lists of water efficient plants that you may want to consider:

Water Efficient Native Plants

Water Efficient Exotic Plants

Any commercial operation, business, government or not for profit organisation in Katherine is eligible for a free Water Use Health Check with Living Water Smart.