Renew, Rejuvenate, Revitalise

These are the three Rs of the Wet Season - renew, rejuvenate and revitalise.


The ‘Wet season’! That time of year when we retreat to the cool comfort of our air conditioners. Where for most of us, the thought of working on our gardens in this heat is a bit on an onerous task. However, for plants in the Top End, the Wet season is a very exciting time.


Have you ever noticed that it seems the entire bush is alive with anticipation of the impending rain? And those beautiful bright green shoots that grace us with their presence when the clouds have passed and the sun comes out of hiding.


To compliment this change in season, we owe it to our gardens to whip out our gardening hats as the plants gear up for some serious growing and reproducing. 


Here is a little check list of things you could be doing in your garden this Wet:

  • Fertilise – it’s best to use a slow release general-purpose fertiliser that is 100% organic. Another option is animal manure, which can often be cheaper. 
  • Mulch – whether it be hay, pine or bark chips, or regurgitated palm fronds; it’s always a good idea to consider the source of your mulch. Using local produce and layering it about 70mm thick is a great way to protect your soil from erosion, the draining of nutrients and will help to increase your soil quality.
  • Plant/Re-pot – want to create a new garden bed or add some more plants? Then this is the best time to be getting them in the ground. Regardless of being regularly watered, plants will tend to slow their growing progress come the Dry season. When the humidity kicks in the opposite occurs resulting in a good time to re-pot any plants that may have outgrown their homes. 
  • Prune – just like our own regular haircuts, the Wet Season is a good time to give your large shrubs and small trees a bit of a ‘trim’. If your cuttings cannot be replanted, try popping them down under your layer of mulch or put in your compost. 

Don't have much of a green thumb or would like some help this wet to save money and be more water efficient? If so, Living Water Smart currently offers a $300-$500 Garden Tune Up rebate including an in-garden consultation by a registered irrigation specialist, review and adjustment or your current irrigation schedule and advice on smarter ways to use water in your garden.


In Katherine, it is important we all work together to ensure our water sources remain safe and reliable. Our main source of drinking water comes from the Katherine River (90%). This is blended with treated groundwater (10%) that has had PFAS removed by the PFAS treatment plant.