Katherine's water supply

PFAS in Katherine

In Katherine, it is important we all work together to ensure our water sources remain safe and reliable. Our main source of drinking water comes from the Katherine River (90%). This is blended with treated groundwater (10%) that has had PFAS removed by the PFAS treatment plant.

Power and Water's Living Water Smart program is helping the community reduce water use to keep reliance on the use of bore water to 10%, the maximum amount that can be treated each day to remove PFAS. The community has done a great job so far and we need to keep it up!

Learn more about how Power and Water are delivering Katherine safe drinking water.

Compulsory Water Conservation Measures

Due to the presence of PFAS in water around Katherine, the NT Government has introduced Compulsory Water Conservation Measures to take the pressure off our precious groundwater supplies.

Katherine's water usage is currently twice the national average and this needs to be reduced by 20% to ensure water supplies remain sustainable. 

Living Water Smart rebates are available for households and small and large businesses to find and fix leaks, and to make garden irrigation systems as efficient as possible. These activities will help everyone stick to the Compulsory Water Conservation Measures that are currently in place. Click on the picture to find out more.  

Living Water Smart's Garden Tune Up provided a free garden irrigation audit at your home or business by one of our registered irrigation experts. The irrigator will reprogram your irrigation controller to provide your garden with the water it needs, when it needs it. It also includes up to $50 of on-the-spot irrigation repairs.