I don’t pay my water bill so why should I report a leak?

As a renter, you may not be responsible for your water bill, so why would you want to get involved with fixing leaks? Well reporting a leak isn’t actually as much hassle as you may think, and you'll be doing Katherine a huge favour by helping to save this important resource.  

If you think your rental property may have a leak, this simple 3 -step leak check will help you confirm your suspicions: 

Step 1: Ask people in your home not to use water while you do the test, and make sure that there is no water being used in your home i.e. that the washing machine is not on.

Step 2: Go to your water meter and take a reading of the last two red digits on your water meter - write down or take a photo of the reading.

Step 3: Wait 5 minutes – remember not to use any water during this time. Take a reading of the last two digits in red. If there was any movement of the dial, you may have a leak - even the smallest movement can add up to a lot of wasted water over a year.

Did your meter move? This could indicate that you may have a hidden leak.  All you need to do now is let your property manager or landlord know as soon as possible by following the ‘reporting of issues’ process identified in your tenancy agreement.

If you are paying for water use at the property, it is in your best interest to get any leaks fixed as soon as possible as you are the person being charged for the water use. 

Once you have fixed your leak, why not let us know by signing up to be a Water Champion!

In Katherine, it is important we all work together to ensure our water sources remain safe and reliable. Power and Water's Living Water Smart program is helping the community reduce water use to keep reliance on the use of bore water to 10%, the maximum amount that can be treated each day to remove PFAS. The community has done a great job so far and we need to keep it up.  Fixing a leak is important; you can feel like you’ve done your bit to help keep Katherine's water safe.

In Katherine, it is important we all work together to ensure our water sources remain safe and reliable. Our main source of drinking water comes from the Katherine River (90%). This is blended with treated groundwater (10%) that has had PFAS removed by the PFAS treatment plant.