How Living Water Smart works

In Katherine, it is important we all work together to ensure our water sources remain safe and reliable. Power and Water's Living Water Smart program is helping the community reduce water use to keep reliance on the use of bore water to 10%, the maximum amount that can be treated each day to remove PFAS. The community has done a great job so far and we need to keep it up!

How can you help?

In Katherine we use about twice as much water as the national average.  A lot of our water use is unnecessary and can easily be reduced, saving water as well as money on bills!

Living Water Smart works with households, businesses, schools, councils and government offering easy and affordable ways to reduce water use.  Rebates are available for households and small and large businesses and organisations to find and fix leaks, and to make garden irrigation systems as efficient as possible. These activities will help everyone stick to the Compulsory Water Conservation Measures that are currently in place.

Explore this website to find rebates, school programs, business water use health checks, smart technology and expert advice covering a range of topics - all to help you save water.


In Katherine, we use more than twice the amount of water than the national average.  Around one in eight homes and one in three businesses has a water leak.  On average these leaks are wasting around 300 000 litres of water amounting to about $580 per year from your hip pocket.  

Living Water Smart implemented a Community Leak Program in August 2017 and May 2018. Leak Checkers conducted quick leaks checks at households and most businesses, and a card was left to indicate if a potential leak was found. A $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate is available to help locate and fix leaks. A list of registered plumbers can be found on the website. Leaks can pop up at any time so we recommend setting yourself a regular reminder to conduct your own leak check, perhaps when you bill arrives.  

Gardens and Irrigation

Did you know that on average, 57% of water use in Katherine property's is in the garden, and that most gardens are over-watered? A Garden Tune Up with one of our registered irrigation experts could be just what you need. We’ll chip in a $300-$500 rebate, depending on how many irrigation stations you have.

One of our registered irrigators will come and review your irrigation system and set your controller to a seasonal water smart schedule. Also included are on-the-spot minor repairs to the value of $50 and general advice on water efficient gardening, such as plants types and water requirements.


Whether you are a small operator with just a few toilets to flush, a large industrial business using water in production, or a not for profit organisation looking for extra funds to use on your core activities, chances are you can make both water and dollar savings by being smarter with the way you use water.

Any business, government or not for profit organisation in the Katherine region is eligible for a free Water Use Health Check with Living Water Smart.

For more information contact Living Water Smart.

In Katherine, it is important we all work together to ensure our water sources remain safe and reliable. Our main source of drinking water comes from the Katherine River (90%). This is blended with treated groundwater (10%) that has had PFAS removed by the PFAS treatment plant.