How can I reduce my school’s water bill?

Leaks in schools can be extremely wasteful and costly, so it’s important that those responsible for maintenance know what to look out for, and how to fix or report the issue.

Our article, How to find and fix leaks, provides a useful resource to share with your school’s gardeners and caretakers with information on:

  • The 3-step leak check
  • Where to check for leaks
  • How to fix leaks

If you suspect a leak it is worth your while to get it checked and fixed.  You can access the $200 Leak, Find and Fix rebate through our registered plumbers. 

Gardening sustainably has many elements including good design, irrigation, plant selection and climate considerations.  Check out our Water Efficient Plant Lists for advice on what to plant to help save water and money:

Water Efficient Native Plant List

Water Efficient Exotic Plant List

Make sure you take advantage of our Garden Tune Up rebate which you can access through our registered irrigators.



It’s a good idea to do the 3-Step Leak Check every few months - it could save you bucket loads of water!