Handy hints for a great garden during the Wet

In the Wet season, there is really only one irrigation rule of thumb. Turn it off when it rains! However, keep an eye on your garden and water it if it looks really thirsty.

Here are some other ways your garden can get the most out of the wet season:

  • Keep an eye on your irrigation system after a storm. Lightning strikes can burn out underground wiring.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch! In the wet season mulch is essential to keep plant roots cool, water in the soil and weeds down - whilst preventing water logging (just remember, mulch pushed against tree trunks can encourage rotting during the wet, so make sure there is space around the trunk to allow for airflow).
  • In the Wet, everything thrives - including pests! Keep a close eye on your garden and chat to your local garden supply store if you notice anything unusual.


In Katherine, it is important we all work together to ensure our water sources remain safe and reliable. Our main source of drinking water comes from the Katherine River (90%). This is blended with treated groundwater (10%) that has had PFAS removed by the PFAS treatment plant.