Get a Water Use Health Check for your business or organisation

Whether you are a small operator with just a few toilets to flush, a large industrial business using water in production, or a not for profit organisation looking for extra funds to use on your core activities, chances are you can make both water and dollar savings by being smarter with the way you use water.

Any business, government or not for profit organisation in the Katherine region is eligible for a free Water Use Health Check with Living Water Smart.

The Water Use Health Check includes:

  • An analysis of your water use in real time
  • A breakdown of your water use by key areas in your business including irrigation, leaks and general use
  • A quantified weekly cost for each water use area
  • Easy actions to help you save. We’ll also let you know if you’re eligible for any Living Water Smart rebates

Book your Water Use Health Check by calling Living Water Smart on (08) 8995 5861 or by filling in the webform below.

Living Water Smart's Garden Tune Up provided a free garden irrigation audit at your home or business by one of our registered irrigation experts. The irrigator will reprogram your irrigation controller to provide your garden with the water it needs, when it needs it. It also includes up to $50 of on-the-spot irrigation repairs.